May 26, 2011

Oh Boy

First day of summer break.
Jake was up at 7:00.
It usually takes 3 trips down to his room.
Every morning.
The first time a little shake and a good morning, buddy.
The second time a little harder shake and get up now, Jake!
The third time hollering, threatening, grounding.
Then, he might make it up the stairs by 7:25.
This morning he said his alarm woke him up.

Question #1: Why was your alarm on?
Question #2: Why did I hear it blaring yesterday morning
yet when I went down there
you were sleeping with your mouth hanging open?
Question #3: How is it possible for it to wake you when it shouldn't
and not wake you when it should?

Ezra was up shortly after Jake.
Then Jobe a few minutes later.
The three boys played together for maybe 30 minutes.
Before the fighting began.

Not sure I'm ready for summer break.
It is really noisy here.
They have yelled at each other.
Made each other cry.
Made themselves cry.
Insulted each other.
Fought over toys.
Fought over food.
Fought over the spoon they were using to eat the food.

Right now?
They are getting along again.
For the moment.
But it is still extremely loud.
There are fake guns being fired.
Fake swords being wielded.
Fake bombs being hurled.
With plenty of sound effects.
Loud sound effects.

Scratch that.
Jobie just got hurt.
More crying.

Who's jealous right now?
Who wants to spend some time here over summer break?

Come join the mayhem.
I'll make you something yummy.
And we can yell talk to each other.
While the kids kill each other play together.
It will be fun.

And lots.
Of fun.


Amy said...

We'll come join the mayhem. I'm guessing it won't even faze me. :)

Chad and Jody said...

Oh... this sounds familiar. Especially the part of wanting school to start again. Oh, wait did you mention that? I can't even remember now. Huh. Good luck.

Dawn said...

Enjoy every minute of it because I was crying at dinner because my boys are all grown and leaving me! One headed on an adventure across the country, one headed to Wisconsin and one off to college! Very, very sad!!!!! I long for those arguing days.......

audrey said...

My kids have been out of school since May 17. Enough said! Is it OK that I'm wondering what day school starts next fall?

Danielle said...

This might be why I'm at work :) Eli loved helping wake Jake this year. I think Eli really misses his other family already. I'll send him over for a little more sound effects for you. You're welcome:)