July 21, 2011


Remember our summer project?
The word I wanted to use was refreshing.

This summer has been anything but refreshing.
As far as the weather goes anyway.

All these leaves.
Just fell yesterday.
I'm afraid we might be loosing our beautiful maple.It's been over 100 degrees.
25+ days so far this summer.
(or so I've heard)
Not so much.

And what does Jobe decide to wear this morning?
A hoodie.Looks like fall.
Except the leaves are shrively browns.
Not beautiful oranges, yellows and reds.

The grass is crunchy.
We haven't mowed in a month.
I miss the smell of freshly cut grass.

My flowers are struggling to survive.
It's taking all their energy just to live.
They've got nothing left to produce pretty flowers.
And I water every day.We did quite a bit of new landscaping this spring.
Wrong year for that.
Our new plants are not looking so great.
And then there's my garden.Can't brag much about that, can I?
Everything else.
Refreshing, right?
That poor little tomato plant that's laying on the ground.
It was run over by a car.
Cars drive in our yard.
Not kidding.

There are a few plants that are doing ok.Not as big as usual.
But at least they are adding a little color.I'm going to plant A LOT more Vinca next year.
They seem to be surviving this heat the best.
Oh, and asparagus fern.
That's doing good too.

The hood?
Really?About 15 minutes after I took this picture.
Jobie comes inside and says:
Pheww! I'm all "fweaty".

Can't imagine why he would be sweaty.

But I guess our summer project wasn't about the weather being refreshing.
It was about our family being refreshing.
I'm going to try to stop complaining.
And start refreshing.
Go Coke!

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Danielle said...

You are so refreshing to me and my little man. A breath of fresh air and cool water for my soul.