July 06, 2011

A Little Get Together

The weekend before last was our class reunion.
Ryan and I graduated from a small Christian school.
With a class of 40.
20 years ago.
That doesn't seem right.
I'm sure I'm not that old.

I wanted a new dress for the occassion.
And had shopped a little.
But hadn't found what I wanted.
And ran out of time to shop anymore.
I was just going to wear something out of my closet.
Who needs something new, right?
It's silly to think you need a new outfit.
That's what I told myself anyway.

The day before the reunion.
My hubby texted me:
Got a little gift for you...
He came home with a super cute dress!
And it fit!
He's amazing.

I don't do it justice.
And the pic is fuzzy.
But here it is.Nearly half of our class made it.There's something pretty special about graduating from a small school.Apparenty I missed the memo to wear black shoes.
And I'm also the only one to not have my nails done.Don't ask.
It was late.
They are goofy girls.
There was no alcohol.
We graduated from a Christian school remember?Funny story:
About 10:00pm or so.
One of our classmates was talking to her mom on her phone.
Checking up on her son, I suppose.
I hear her say:
No mom, there is no alcohol here.
Felt like we were in high school again.

The next day we were at our house.
It was hot.
Our kids were all there.
And I think one of my classmates son's thought my daughter was cute.
And I think she might have thought he was cute too.
That's weird.

Rhonda, do you read this?
Do you agree?
Ryan was oblivious to it all.

And this is the only pic I took of the day.
Yeah me!Oh, and yes our carpet did get put in on time.
It looks so great downstairs.
Sadly, I can't show you.
I still can't find my camera.
(All the above pics were with my mom's camera.)
We have searched every where.
We know where it last was.
A certain daughter laid it on the floor.
On the floor?
In the family room.
It has not been seen since.
At least that's the story...


Dawn Eshnaur said...

Oh my goodness! I have read your blog for a couple of years which I found through the Macs. My son's girlfriend is from Newton (which we found out AFTER I felt I knew all the people on the Macs blog) and now I am looking at your pics and I see someone from MY HOMETOWN! I know Rhonda! Can't wait to tell her I saw her on a blog! SMALL WORLD!!

audrey said...

Your dress was super cute! Ryan did good!!! Don't feel bad about the black shoe memo. I didn't that memo either...and I didn't even wear sandles to the reunion so I didn't participate in the "toe shot". There's a good reason for that though. A couple of days before the big event one of my daughters dropped a full jar of peanut butter on my foot. Can i just say "OUCH"! I'm still sporting a lovely colorful bruise! :)

Danielle said...

You're just so beautiful! and I love the dress. Perhaps Ryan should influence my sweetie some more :)