November 09, 2011

The Past Month or So

Since I've been so awful at posting.
I'm throwing some photos all together.
Just to give you a small glimpse of what's been happening.

Butler football games with friends.This picture is creepy.
Is there a ghost walking thru it?
Creepier yet...I did not underline this text.
Or change the text color.
And nothing is showing up in html.

A trip to KU.Jake was pretty excited.So were the little boys.Brookelynn and Jake snuck onto the soccer field.
Jake snapped a pic of Brookie.
She was mad that she left her soccer ball in the car.
The girl really loves soccer.
We carved and painted pumpkins.
Ezzie was so proud of himself.
He carved this all on his own.Except I carved the top off.
And cleaned it all out.
That was a HUGE sacrifice on my part.
I hate cleaning out pumpkins.

The pumpkins are on our front porch.
Now his pumpkin is 1/4 gone.
Something is eating it.
That has never happened before.
Either we're not feeding the cat enough.
Or those coons are getting WAY too close to our house.

Jobie painted his.
With a little help from his big sis.Brookie's creation.Looks dangerous, doesn't it?Have you ever heard of rubbing the inside of your pumpkin with Vaseline?
I read somewhere that it keeps it from rotting as fast.
We tried it.
Not sure if it really helped...

We went to a ground breaking.
For a new football stadium at the community college Ryan works at.
My hair is still short.I forgot to wear deodorant to church a few weeks ago.
Realized it on our way.
Hope I didn't smell...

I'm doing two Bible studies.Leading the yellow one.
Sitting in on the other.

Learning that I have bigger problems than forgetting to put deodorant on.
Grateful that God loves me anyway.
Trusting that the Holy Spirit will continue His work in my heart.
Praying that I will be faithful to follow His Word.

I John 2:5-6
But if anyone obeys His Word,
love for God is truly made complete in them.
This is how we know we are in Him:
Whoever claims to live in Him
must live as Jesus did.


Danielle said...

Love all the pics! What do you think of Lies Women Believe? I have the book and the workbook. Never been opened. I've had them a long time. and that's not a lie :)

Amy said...

* That picture is creepy!
* We do Vaseline on the cut parts of the pumpkins too.
* Corey started cutting holes in the bottoms of the pumpkins a few years ago.
* I love your hair. For real.
* Wish I could be in your Bible study.

Jarrod Flaming said...

Hey Gina! I've been wondering about your posts...missed 'em. Great catch up post. Kinda cool to see the Bible study books - we know Nancy Leigh DeMoss from Life Action. Keep the posts comin'!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You are hilarious.