April 23, 2009

The Big Leagues

We got the phone call Tuesday night.
Ezzie's first blast ball practice would be Thursday.
Two sleeps. He could hardly wait.
He picked out his outfit this morning.
It matches because both the shirt and shorts say Nike.
I was informed he had to wear long socks.

He seemed a little nervous when we first got there.
But he soon overcame that.
He was proud that he hit the ball all the way to the grass.
I was proud that he ran through the one, and only, base.
The base honks when it's stepped on.
Apparently that's motivation to get the kids to run to it.

To sum up the experience: That. Was. Awesome.
Look out Manny, here comes Ezzie!

1 comment:

imagyst said...

adorable little youngster you got there.