April 08, 2009

When Mommy's Sick

unsupervised play-doh play
uh-oh, what is she going to say?

i watched this mess slowly progress...from the couch

not sure what dinosaurs, pirates and a game of flippopotamus have to do with each other, but apparently you can't play one without the others
(and I have no idea what daddy's shoes are doing in the middle of it all)

why is it so much fun to dump everything out...and, then, play with none of it?

a certain couple of you...
you know who you are...
disagreed with the carnage in a previous post
is this "redemption"?

1 comment:

Amy said...

this is better... but it could still be worse. (and I want to hear Ezra singing "Fat guy in a little coat" sometime!) :)