April 27, 2009

We Had a Little Storm

with the little storm came a little wind.
we've been told that this tree is one of the oldest in town.
it took a little beating last night.
our other trees suffered a little too.
lots of sticks for the kids to pick-up.
won't that be fun?
we started landscaping saturday.
just a little at a time.
this new one just escaped the guttering.
somehow, the rest remained unscathed as well.
it's nice to see something other than dirt and grass next to the house.
this taller plant is one of my new favorites.
when the tornado sirens went off the kids got a little nervous.
they brought their most valuable possessions downstairs among the ever-present train tracks.
jake: mini nfl football helmets
brookelynn: american girl dolls, webkinz and soccer ball
ezra: many stuffed animals, a nerf gun that shoots foam balls, a speed racer car (he's not seen the movie so I have no idea why that is so important to him. although it is from grandpa terry and grandma connie.)
poor guy was more than a little nervous.
he was in tears and couldn't find evan his webkinz horse. very tramatic.
and one last thing: jake's Bible

loved seeing that.

his daddy wants him to be a preacher.
he always says no.
maybe he will be afterall?


PamperingBeki said...

What a mess!

That Bible there is so sweet. :)

This was the first time in all my years of living in Kansas that we actually took cover in the basement. It was crazy.

MICHELE said...

haha that is funny! I totally did that once when i was their age! i practically moved my whole room to the basement!!! funny how you grow up and realize it is just stuff...sometimes i wish a tornado would take it all away, so I don't have to fight my pack rat hubby on keeping it!! :)