April 29, 2009

We Have Visitors

Last fall we started noticing odd occurrences in our garage.
Boxes and cabinets knocked over.
Rubbermaid container of cat food open.

We leave one of our garage doors open just a little so our cat can get in and out.
Then, one morning we saw a coon in the rafters of our garage.
Just sitting there, looking down at us (for some reason I didn't get a pic of it).
So we borrowed my brother's live trap and that night caught ourselves a coon.
And, a few nights later, a second.
And, after another night or two, a third.

This is the first. Kinda' cute, huh?

Foolishly, we thought we were done.
Until the disturbances in the garage returned.
So, a couple of days ago coon #4 met it's match.

I've heard coons can be mean.
Ryan used a plastic cup filled with cat food as a lure.
It must have worked.
The food was gone, but he/she/whatever destroyed the cup.
There was also a whole lot of poo under that cage.
They must poo A LOT.

None of the coons have been harmed.
We've released them all several miles outside of town.
I'm thinking we've probably actually caught the same coon 4 times now.

Pretty sure I can hear him laughing.


PamperingBeki said...

Holy cow!

That would freak me out so bad.
I'm not a country girl.

Val said...

They do poo A LOT. That is why Doug hates them - every spring under our deck all over the place. They do get very mean, he has some good stories.

I know you don't want to harm them but if you have someone who can handle it for you -- drown them. Doug has a friend to call if he needs help with that. =) If not we let them go several miles away by the river. Pretty sure we've caught the same one numerous times as well.

imagyst said...

I don't think I've ever seen a coon up close and personal. But they are the only animal that I know of that washes it's food before it eats it. Provided there is a river or pond nearby.

I wouldn't be able to handle drowning them... I break for squirrels... but I'm sure if I dealt with them a lot- I'd be more willing to. They're very smart creatures...