May 20, 2009

Baby Love

My new little nephew came for the afternoon today.
Eight weeks old.
Jobe could hold him all day.
After he was born, the three older kids each designed a onesie for him.
He's wearing the one from Brookie.

Ezra asked lots of questions and made lots of observations about his cousin:
He's farting a lot.
He has tiny hands.
Why can't he eat baby food?
Baby Tyson's poo-poo is different than Jobie's.

And one last pic of my baby with the newest baby in the clan.
How could you not hug them, kiss them, stare at them and love them?


PamperingBeki said...

What a cutie! And those questions are hysterical.

(Do you think they'd let me do pictures of him?)

Gail said...

Your kids are SOOO beautiful!