May 25, 2009


We headed west for Memorial Day.
Just to do something fun as a family.
After we told the kids about the day trip,
and got them all excited,
we thought we would have much rather stayed home,
worked in the yard, roamed thru the cemetery.
But the kids didn't like that plan.
So off we went this morning.

Our first stop kept getting pushed off.
We wanted to stop for a quick breakfast on the road.
Not a fast-food joint, but not a sit-down diner either.
Finally our garmin showed a donut shop in a little town up ahead.
Probably didn't have to say little.
All the towns are little in the western part of our Kansas.

One thing that we have learned,
the garmin is not always up-to-date or accurate.
The donut shop?
Didn't look like it had ever been a donut shop.

By this time,
(we had been traveling for over an hour and a half)
Jake and I were desperate for a bathroom.
My excuse: 2 cups of coffee to go, please.
Jake's excuse: he doesn't need one, that's just Jake.
A gas station nearby saved the day.
Restrooms, pre-packaged donuts and Nestle chocolate and strawberry milk.
Then a little stop at an ancient park to enjoy the tasty breakfast.
And finally, after that long intro, some pics.

Jobe has serious bed-head.
I forgot to comb his hair before we left.

Kinsley's claim to fame.
Boot Hill in Dodge City.
Helped make Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson famous.
Before the kids could be deputized, they had to learn to mosey.

Watching the gunfight.
Right before it started Ezra said:
This is going to be good!
It really wasn't, but the kids didn't know the difference.

Finally, a stop in Greensburg.
A town that was nearly completely destroyed by a tornado two years ago.
Also home to the world's largest hand dug well.
The town is rebuilding green.
Behind Jake is the new arts building.
Odd to see a new, modern building, then all around devastation.

Beautiful weather.
No fights.
Great day.


PamperingBeki said...

This sounds like the best day ever. Seriously!!

Strangely enough, I recognized that park when you posted pictures! Been there.

And my girl is obsessed with Greensburg right now. Have you seen the show on Planet Green? It's produced by Leo DeCaprio and it's really good. We have the dvr set to record it so she watches it whenever there's a new episode.

We wanted to take a road trip there last summer but didn't get the chance. So this year we're going to.

Amy said...

Your comment made me laugh. :) Normally I do go over each area 7 times, (isn't that what you do???) but my MIL was coming in 15 minutes. Had to be quick. :)