May 11, 2009

La, La, La, La...

La, la, la, la
Elmo's World
birthday breakfast
birthday cake

birthday supper
birthday presents

birthday candle

Elmo says, "Happy second birthday, Jobe!"


Amanda said...

AWESOME cake! That frosting looks great....did you make it? Can I have the recipe?

Gail said...

Did you use fondant icing? Looks very impressive!

rentz said...

It's a butter frosting from my better homes & gardens cookbook. I use it often. I just didn't make it as thick as usual so it kinda' smoothed out on its own. I had to wipe the excess off from the bottom of the cake after it had sat for a little. The eyeballs and mouth were "painted" on with my finger.

I'll get you the recipe, Amanda.

PamperingBeki said...

You're the best mom EVER!

Julie Shaw said...

Can't believe little Jobe is turning into such a big boy already. 2 is so very cool!
Love the Elmo cake. My little granddaughter Claire would love one of those. How did you make the smile?