June 17, 2010

Our News

we are adding to our family.
But not in the way some of you were thinking.

I have a friend that is dangerous to know.
You know those kind.
The kind that talk you into being PTO president.
When you just got done being youth sponsors at your church.
And thought you might have a little more time on your hands.
And you have a nine month old.
And then end up having another baby while you are president.
That was a few years ago.
And I've recovered.
And forgiven her.

But now she's struck again.
We got a message from her on facebook recently.
The subject was: Room at the Inn??
Oh, boy.
I knew what was coming.

Wanna know what she does?
She places exchange students.

Apparently we can't say no to her.
Or, more importantly, to God.
The Sunday after we were asked to host.
While we were still deciding and praying.
Our pastor had a message about loving others.
Reaching out.
Opening your home.
Ok, ok.
I get it.

We are going to be a host family.
To a teenager.
From Germany.
For ten months.
Her name is Lara.

The kids are excited.
Brookelynn especially.
She is going to have a "sister."

I've tried to tell her it will not all be roses.
She will be sharing her room.
She likes her space sometimes.
She will have to sit in the back of the van.
With her brothers.
She hates sitting back there.
But she thinks the good out weighs the bad.
Ryan and I agree.

Oh, and I'm going to count this as my
"learn something new to me" goal
that I made in January.
I have a feeling I will be learning plenty.
About Germany.
About parenting a teenager.
About myself.
(that's the scariest one of all)

We sent her this most recent picture of our family.
Think it will scare her off?
Our adventure begins in August.


Stephanie said...

Ah I have been reading your blog for the last few days waiting for you to announce your news :) That's so exciting!

P.S. I have figured out how to leave comments on blogs, now I can comment all the time! haha

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You. Are. Awesome.

Jody said...

What an amazing opportunity!

Amy said...

That's awesome. What an amazing experience she is going to have... getting to be part of your family. She will be blessed, no doubt. As will your family, I'm sure. Way to go.

Amanda said...

YAY for you guys! I know she will be blessed beyond belief! I was Brookelynn's age when we had an exchange student stay at my house too - awesome memories!

Leslie said...

Your mom told me a little about your upcoming adventure. I'm very impressed! What an amazing opportunity--though the comprehensive nature of it would be kinda scary, I'm sure.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That's awesome news! And yes, it will be an adventure, but it will be a great experience. We've talked about doing that someday.

Gail said...

Wow--I'm so excited for you! We always had exchange students growing up--one of them is still one of my best friends. You're going to learn so much through this, and she's going to be so blessed by your family! I hope to host one someday, too.

Melissa Jensen said...

YAY!!! I bet you will love it! Kreg's family did that a couple of years ago for a girl named Madelon from Holland. We are still friends and keep in contact, but we definitely learned a lot esp. Kreg's parents in having a teen in the house raised in a whole other part of the world. Will be praying for you!!

Julie A. Cox said...

What a great opportunity. I really like the way you're preparing your daughter for the changes ahead. Enjoy your 10 months!!!