June 07, 2010

Just Letting You Know...

I'm still here.

I thought there would be more time to blog this summer.
Oh, silly, silly me.
We have been going like mad.
I haven't taken pictures in days.
This is only the fourth time I've been on the computer.
Not today.
In nearly a week.
That's just crazy.

We have VBS this week.
It starts at 8:30.
In a town 20 minutes away.
I'm teaching.
Also picking up two of the kids' friends.
And dropping off Jobe at Grandma's.
Which means we are leaving the house before 7:30.
In the morning.
Isn't summer supposed to be for sleeping in?

We had a soccer tourney last weekend.
One this weekend.
Then we are done with soccer.
Until August.
Not counting soccer clinics.

I still don't have a garden in.
All that above the line was written on Thursday.
I got interrupted.
Haven't been on the computer since.

The second soccer tourney is over.
It was HOT.
No shade.
Close to 100 degrees.
But still fun.
A trip to DQ at the end helped cool us off.
A little.

A soccer clinic begins today.
At our house.
Which means I should be cleaning right now.
Twelve 10 and 11 year old girls in our backyard.
Pretty sure someone will need to use the restroom.
That means they will need to come inside.
Wish we had a port-a-potty.
Or they were boys.
We have plenty of trees.
I'm thinking the girls won't go for that.

Still haven't taken any pictures.
Except a few with my phone.
Still don't have a garden in.
Beginning to wonder if that will happen.
I will really miss it if I don't.
Still don't have all my flowers planted.
Some of them have died.
I can't seem to keep up with the house.
Or the laundry.
I did a couple loads Friday.
They are still waiting to be folded.

I have never experienced a summer like this.

We have so much to do.
We also have some exciting news.
But I'm waiting to share that.
I will soon hopefully.

Take a guess.
Bet you won't get it.
Family and a couple of and friends already know.
You guys can't say anything.


Amy said...

Just so you know, I'm going to be totally twisting your arm tomorrow night at t-ball, trying to get you to tell me your news. So be ready.

(and remember your snacks! I've got our drinks already packed in the van!)

Greg Nickel said...

I know! I know!

MICHELE said...

yeah, it sounds like baby #5, but I don't think that is it at all you are just trying to psych us out...so let's say you get to go to Europe or another really awesome vacay. Can't wait to find out!!

Julie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog this week. I finally am getting caught up with the Entz's.
Did you see Julie-Julia? You seem to have her same flair, only better.
Just ask the little girl from VBS!

Baby #5 seems too obvious, but you do make beautiful children. I know you wouldn't get a dog! Too much work with all the cupcakes you have to bake, and flowers to plant,
and clothes to fold..... Does Ryan ever help???