June 24, 2010

New Finds

I went to some garage sales last Friday.
Here's some of my more exciting finds.
Been looking for a round table for a couple of years.
Oh, I've found some.
For way too much money.
This one was marked $10.
I got it for $8.
It's a little scratched up.
And I would like it to be a little darker.
Not sure I want to paint it though.
And to strip it and refinish sounds like too much work.
Any other ideas?

A new toy box for the boys?
Or maybe something else.
Who knows.
It's on wheels.
And an old 7-Up crate.
Perfect for carrying condiments and silverware out to our fire pit.

The big oval tin is going to be a planter.
Gotta buy more flowers.
You don't see that, honey.
And the tall container is an old ballot box.
The slot at the top is where voters would drop their ballots.
Cool, huh?
Don't know what we're going to do with it.
But couldn't pass it up.
It was only $2.
Last year I told you about the chalk art festival.
Local artists create chalk art.
Donate them to a silent auction.
Which benefits Youthville.
We went again this year.
One of Ryan's friends did this piece.
Ryan's been looking for art for his office at work.
So he bid on it.
Then asked me to check on it throughout the week.
To make sure we weren't outbid.
I told him I forgot all about it.
Then surprised him with it for his Father's Day gift.
He had an idea that was what I was doing.
Apparently I'm not a good liar.
That's a good thing, I suppose.

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Jody said...

Love going to garage sales~You found some amazing treasures!