June 28, 2010

Tip of the Day

Before you mow your lawn,
make sure your ipod is charged.
If it's not,
you might use your pre-teen daughter's instead.
You will hear pre-teen songs.
You will not want to listen to these pre-teen songs.
But you cant stop mowing every 5 seconds to change the song.
(She has A LOT of songs on there I didn't know.
Daddy is in charge of ipod music.
And is very picky, I might add.)

So you listen to the pre-teen music.
Then you might even start to sing.
A little.
Then you might start to get a little spring in your step.
Then you might look around.
To make sure the neighbors aren't watching.

Then you might hear the songs in your head.
For the rest of the day.
And then some.

Baby, baby, baby ohh.
Like baby, baby, baby no.

Thank you, Justin Bieber.
You were very helpful.
But I think I prefer a little Jack Johnson.
Or Bon Jovi.
(Especially when I'm in the part of the yard
that I affectionately call "the wasteland".)

Or 90's Power Ballads.
Or praise music.
Or Ronnie Milsap.
Or Brad Paisley.
Or nearly anything else, really.
Just trying to be honest here.
But it was fun.
While it lasted.


Baury Braun said...

That was funny lol [laughing with, not at you =]

Steph Tester said...

Those songs sure are catchy:-) During our end of year talent show, I heard that Bieber song three times and Party in the USA four times. They were stuck in my head for weeks!!!

Natalie said...

well I never know where to reply to my blog... so how about here?!

I know it, aren't bartop chairs incredibly hard to find?! Well for us "picky-cheap" ones anyway... I know that the Greenwich Target had some cool silver round ones left that were only like $6! I thought about getting those, but liked this style better. Hope you find some! :)

Oh yes, I saw you at church too! Sorry we didn't get to chat! Your church looks great! we had a good time, I forgot who all goes there, fun to see new and old faces :) I think most of Newton Bible was there, Mom said she only had 2 kids in Sunday School!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

I love teeny bopper music. Sad, but true.