December 22, 2010


Because we didn't have enough to do in December,
we chose an exchange student who had a birthday this month.
Today was the day.I was worried that she would be disappointed.
Disappointed by the day.
Disappointed with her presents.
I should know by now.
This girl just soaks everything up.
Loves every new experience.We took her out to a local Chinese restaurant.
Her fortune cookie read:
You will have a great birthday party.
I kid you not.
She was thrilled!

She loves iCarly.
Saw this remote at Wally World.
When we were shopping for her little sister.
She was so excited by it.
So I knew I had to get it for her.She picked her dessert.
Brownies with cream cheese and cherries.Happy birthday, Lara!
We loved celebrating with you!

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