December 06, 2010

Birthday Party

Ryan's mom turned 65 Friday.
We had a surprise party for her Saturday.
She thought Dad was taking her out for supper.
Instead they ended up at our house.
She walked in saying:
I don't know what's going on here.
So cute!

It began with just family.
And Chinese food from Dillons.
It's not PF Changs.
But it's cheap.
And local.
And fast.
And pretty good.

We got three family meals.
$19.99 each.
Comes with tons of food.
One family meal feeds my family of 7.
With lunch leftovers for me.

My sisters-in-law and I made desserts.
And six more people "showed up".

Everytime someone else walked in the house,
she would say: Oh, what a surprise!
It was so much fun.

I remembered to take pictures.
After Lara (who was out of town) called and said:
Don't forget to take pictures.

Tyson is about 20 months old now.
He weighs two pounds less than Jobe.
Jobe is 40 months.
My tiny baby.My mom and my sis-in-law.
(Not my mom's daughter-in-law though.
She's married to Ryan's older brother.)

And my new little nephew.
19 days old.Adorable.My little boys wrestling on our new couch.
We finally found one.
I love it.
No fabric.
It's blended leather.
No stains.
I can just wipe off snot smears.
Plus the whole family can sit on it together.The birthday girl opening a few gifts.Happy birthday, Mom!
Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate.
We love you!


Julie A. Cox said...

Gina, do you ever eat at Jackie Chan's there? Every time we're in KS, Justin has to go there to eat! He loves the name of it.

Amy said...

Oh my word... could your nephew be any sweeter?! Love your new couch!

Anonymous said...

That little baby is definitely an Entz! No question about it! Wow - he looks like his Daddy and his uncles. Adorable baby!