December 02, 2010

I'm So Crafty

Gorgeous weather here today.
One last chance to clean up leaves.
But I was, of course, smart enough
to wait until the kids got home.
There were a lot of them.
Leaves, that is.
Well, kids too.

I still had potted plants.
And pumpkins.
On the front porch and patio.
The plants were pretty sad looking.
The pumpkins looked great.
But they didn't really fit in
with the wreath on the front door
and the Christmas lights on the roofline.
So I tossed the pumpkins in the garden.
Pulled the dead plants.
Then wondered what I could do with the pots.
They are heavy when they're full of potting soil.
I didn't want to haul them all to the shed.
So I came up with something else.I walked around our yard.
Clipped evergreens.
And some red berry things.Then just stuck them in the potting soil.
Along with some pinecones.Maybe it's nothing that impressive.
But for this uncrafty, uncreative girl
it was kinda' fun.
And free.
Plus, I didn't have to move the pots.
Yippee yippee!


Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

That is very crafty, and this very un-crafty girl is impressed :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

It looks great!!