December 23, 2010

Marshmallow Snowmen

I have another new nephew.
That makes two in four weeks.
Meet Brody Zane.His big brother Tyson is all of 21 months old.
Jobie and I thought we would give their mommy a little break.
So we stole Tyson for a bit the other day.We took him with us to storytime.Then fed him lunch.And made a little craft.The hats look a bit like witch's hats.
But by the time Ezzie got home from school,
I had been to Dillon's and purchased some Rolos.
And some pretzels too.
I get all my good ideas after the fact.
Well, Rolos and pretzels aren't amazing ideas really.
I'm sure most of you would have thought of them much earlier.
Jobe and Tyson didn't miss them.
But Ezzie was glad I had them.
He even asked for pretzels before I pulled them out.Marshmallow snowman.
Good enough to eat.
Poor thing didn't make it to supper.

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Beki - TheRustedChain said...

So cute!

And congrats to your family on your new babies!

Merry Christmas, Entz's.