May 19, 2011

Jobe's Big Day

With my other kids.
The twos were bad.
The threes were worse.
And the fours got better.

That's not proving to be true with Jobe.
So far, in the week that he has been 4,
he has gotten worse-r.
The formidable fours.

But I did have a good time with him on his big day.
It started off with a trip to the donut shop.That Nike shirt is a favorite of mine.
It was originally my now 15 year old nephew's.
So it's gone thru 5 boys.
Not sure how it made it this far...

While we were at the donut shop,
I took a picture of Jobie with my phone.
And sent it to Ryan.
He texted back: Yummy fun!
Jobie thought that was so funny.
He is still talking about it.
Just this morning he said:
Mommy let's send daddy a picture
so he can say, "yummy fun"!

Mac n' Cheese for lunch.
And Wendy's for supper.
We go all out.Jobie was the only one who got a Frosty.
The others didn't think that was fair.
That's just too bad!
I didn't get one either.

Well, not really.
If only they knew that I saved Jobie's.
He never eats all of it.
And ate it the next day.
After they got home from school even.
I would sneak a bite every time they were out of the kitchen.
Jobie decided he wanted a "lightning k-king" birthday.
I am not a cake decorator.
I stress myself out each birthday.
Trying to figure out how to decorate a cake.
It's ridiculous really.

I searched the internet and found nothing.
Nothing I could make anyway.
A replica of Lightning McQueen?
Not happening if I'm the baker.
Super simple.
That's what this girl can handle.
So this was the best my brain
and limited talents could do.
I put frosting in a baggie and cut the corner to write "Lightyear".
Who needs those fancy Wilton decorator icing tips?
Ha!Look at Jakie.
Does he think Jobie's going to blow the fire on him?Funny stuff.


Danielle said...

Happy birthday Jobie!!! Birthdays are

Anonymous said...

I love the part about sneaking the frosty. So funny.

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

I think the cake is great -- mostly because that's about all I would dedicate myself to as well....Also, I'm glad you snuck the Frosty!

Amy said...

I think your cake is great!