May 11, 2011

Not Possible

It is not possible that I had a 4th kid.It is not possible that he turned 1.It is not possible that he turned 2.It is not possible that he turned 3.And it is certainly not possible that today he is 4.My baby.
Who two weeks ago didn't want to turn 4.
Didn't want to have a party.
Didn't want cake.
Didn't want presents.

He wants me to text "everyone".
And tell them it's his birthday.Four years ago today.
Jobie and I were alone.
For a few moments after he was born.
I remember just looking at him.
Marveling that I had a third son.
A fourth child.
Fascinated by those tiny hands.
Those tiny toes.
Those tiny ankles.
(I've always loved my kids ankles.
Strange, but true.)

A nurse walks in.
Disturbing my pondering.
And says: It looks like you are in love.I was.
I am.


Danielle said...

I'll tell you what's not possible - that you've had 4 gorgeous kids and you still look so fantastic yourself!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweeet baby!