May 25, 2011

She Did It

Lara went thru an American high school graduation Saturday.Apparently she was really excited about it.Ok. So now the excitement is building.We had to sit a mile away from the graduates.The other kids were really happy to be there.
At least they looked happy here.
Probably because it was over.
And we were going out for ice cream.So proud of Miss Lara!
What an accomplishment.
A year of school in another country.
Not to mention putting up with our family.
That deserves another award all together!


Danielle said...

Way to go Lara! I bet you'll really miss her this summer. If you want, I can move in to replace her :)

audrey said...

My niece graduated with Lara. Our kids were really excited to be at the graduation too....or maybe it was the ice cream afterwards. :) Congratulations Lara!