August 18, 2011

A Birthday and the First Days of School

Yesterday was big for Ezzie.
It was his 7th birthday.
And the first day of school.
He could not sleep the night before.
Too much excitement for a little guy.

When he got to school,
his teacher asked if he wanted to wear the b-day sticker all day.
Or just when I brought his treats later..
He wanted to wear it all day.
Insuring him lots of attention, I'm sure.In the afternoon, his class sang "Happy Birthday" to him.
And he got to wear a special hat.
Doesn't he look excited about it?He could have worn the hat the last 1/2 hour of the day.
But he declined.
Sticker is one thing.
Hat is another, I guess.

Presents always make a kid smile big.
Jakie has two frogs and a mini turtle.
Ezzie has been wanting a pet for awhile now.

His last present was a box with fish food in it.
He looked at it.
And looked at it.
And finally said.
You got me a fish?
Were is it?
I will always remember how he said it.
One of those memories to treasure.They were waiting for him in his room.
7 fish.
Finally pets of his own.
Brookie helped him name them last night.
They wrote them all down.
He took the list to school this morning.
You need to share these things with your friends.

1st grade.
Yesterday was a big day for Brookie too.
First day in Junior High.
Can you hear my sigh?
She was nervous.
Very unlike her.
She didn't even eat breakfast.
Glad I went all out and bought Toaster Strudels.

7th grade.Jobie did not want to be left out.
I had to lay out clothes for him the night before too.
Yet he insists he is not going to school next year.
Today was Jake's 1st day.
He did not want his picture taken.
But mom wins.
The boy would not give me a good smile.

6th grade.His sister stepped in and tried to help.
That always works.
Then his best friend showed up.
With the hot rod.
That was all it took to get a genuine smile.Sweet ride.
Great first day of school tradition.Another summer that flew by.
One more year with my baby.
Then off he goes too.

Scary thought.
Exciting thought.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Beautiful kiddos!!

Danielle said...

Brookie is just so beautiful! I'm glad to know Eli isn't the only 6th grade boy who wouldn't smile for the camera. I finally had to walk away so I didn't cause a fight on the first day of school. You're the best for getting good pics of real smiles!!!