August 16, 2011


The view.The kids.Us.
Morning walk on the beach.Lots of sand time.And relaxing.Searching for shells.Building sand castles.Pool time, with the floaty.Togetherness.New shades.Learning to dive.Posing for pictures.Pouting.Enjoying the waves.Taking directions.Our house...kinda.Daddy time.Tourist shopping.Smiles.There were lots of other things too.
Around 2500 miles.

Yummy steaks and seafood.

Loosing prescription sunglasses.
In the gulf.
(See the shades on Ryan in the pic with Brookie?
Bye-bye shades)

Looking at our daughter.

So much fun.
(Except for that last part)


team pierson said...

I've been waiting to see your vacation pictures. =) We are going to Destin, FL in November on our way to Tampa for Doug's sabbatical. We are getting excited.

Danielle said...

Florida vacations are the best!! Love all the pics.