August 25, 2011

Fish, Spaghettios and a Soccer Ball

The inevitable happened.
Two of Ezra's new fish met their demise.
(dead fish.
and our toilet.
this post is starting off well.)
We knew one was struggling last night.
Brookie asked Ezra:
If it dies will you cry.
Probably not...probably...well...maybe.
So sweet.Then we found not one but two dead this morning.
He didn't cry.
But came close, I think.
Daddy had a nice little ceremony before the "burial".

Moving on...

Princess Spaghettios.
And 6th grade boys.
A perfect combination.
Brookie did a little photo session with one of her soccer balls.The soccer ball has a name.
(penalty kick to the layperson)

Fish, Spaghettios and a soccer ball.
And a toilet.
Funny what shows up in a blog post.

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Danielle said...

You make me smile :) Condolences to Ezra from the Boeses.