August 31, 2011

Just Chattin'

I'm going through the little boys closets.
They have a ridiculous amount of clothes.
It's embarrassing.
So many hand me downs when you're the littlest boys.
There were at least 20 pair of holey jeans.

You know why I kept them?
Because I just knew for sure
there was something I could make with them.
That makes me laugh just typing it.
Make something?
Reality sunk in...finally.
And I threw them all away.
(Sorry to those of you who could have made amazing things with them.)

I found 3 shirts for Jobie.
On a shelf.
In his closet.
Neatly folded.
Just like I would fold them.
Really cute winter shirts.
No idea where they came from.
Maybe a consignment sale?
They are not brand new.
How do I forget these things?

I am so sick of hot weather and watering plants.
I could scream.
So I've been making my kids water.
They need chores.
I need a break.
Sounds like a win-win to me.

Last night as I was leaving the little boys room:
Jobie: I love you, Mommy.
Ezzie: I love you lots and lots.
You're the best momma ever.
How much longer do you think I can fool him?

Ezra has now lost 5 of his original fish.
Saturday we bought him 4 more.
(They were 13 cents each.
We really go all out for our kids.)

One of those 4 died yesterday.
Poor guy.
He always holds each one in his little hand.
And looks at it for a while.
Before he dumps it in the toilet.
And flushes it.

We got "new" dining room chairs.
I found them at a garage sale for $5 each.
4 matching chairs.

We were using 1 wood school chair.
Bought at an antique store.
1 off-white really cute chair.
Bought at an antique store.
1 chair from a pair of chairs that we had.
Once upon a time.
And a folding chair.
(I've said before we are classy people.
I wasn't joking.)

I texted Ryan and said:
For the first time in our marriage we have
4 chairs that match.
His reply: It's almost like we're adults.
He's a funny guy.I like the white.
But I might paint them.
The white might not be quite right for our house.
What would you do?


Amy said...

Poor guy. He's never said a word about fish dying at school. Love the chairs! I like the white, too, but I think you might be right. It doesn't seem like "your house."

Jarrod Flaming said...

Hmmm...I actually like the white contrast. Anyway, I guess we just became adults a couple years ago when we finally bought a set of matching chairs too! For some people it takes a while to get to that status level. :) Wait! You mean you didn't make a tye-dye denim skirt out of those jeans?!?

The Bohrer's said...

We found 6 matching chairs at our annual "throw away all your junk" weekend. Before those, we had hand me downs. Brice re-upholstered them. Maybe paint then black?