August 23, 2011

Party Time

Yesterday after school.
I had a belated birthday party for Ezra.

An alien/space party.With black hole punch.We played games.Found moonrocks.
And painted them.Created space scenes.Opened and admired presents.
(A fight was brewing over the opening of presents.
Several of them wanted their present to be opened first.
Ezra was looking at me like: what do I do?
I put each kid's name in a hat.
And let Ezra draw names.
Everyone seemed ok with that.
Crisis averted.)
And made alien slime.
Definitely the hit of the party.Last night putting the little boys to bed.
Me: You know Ezra, Jobie helped a lot with your party.
He put everything in the treat bags.
And got the craft bags for the space scene ready.

Ezra: So Jobe did pretty much everything then.

Jobe: Yep. That's why I'm so tired.

I can only imagine the conversation after I left the room.
Ezra: Seriously, what does mom do all day?
Jobe: I know!
What will she do next year without me home to help her?

Not sure what I will do.
But I get a little giddy if I think about it too long.


Danielle said...

Great party, mom! True story - the bus driver had to drive my sister back home several mornings instead of going to 1st grade because my sis was so hysterical worrying what my mom would do at home without her all day. Somehow, mom found a way to survive :)

Amy said...

Awesome party! Good job planning and preparing everything, Jobie! ;)