August 16, 2012


Today was Brookie's turn.
First day of school for my girl.
Her outfit came in the mail yesterday afternoon.

Like my boys,
she, too, insists on growing.

After we took the little boys to school yesterday,
she asked what we would be doing.
Ryan and I told her we were planning to do a little painting.

Her reply:
This is the worst last day of summer ever!

After we picked Jobie up and took them out to eat,
we ran a little errand.
We took Brookie to get her first phone.

Later on facebook she wrote:
Best last day of summer ever!
Finally got my first phone!

Funny how her tune changed.

She's so excited.
Even though her phone has no data plan.
But she does have unlimited texting.
Only because it comes with our plan.
That and the fact that I couldn't live without it.
This morning before school.
I thought to myself.
I'm going to be ok today.
(Oh, Jobie.
Must you always?)

I gave Jobie a hug at his classroom door.
And watched from the hall for a bit.
He kept looking back at me.
So finally I waved.
He waved back.
I was still doing great.

He put his head down on his desk.
And cried.

Was not expecting that.

The teachers were busy with other students.
So, against my better judgement, I went to him.
He immediately hugged me and said:
Mommy, I want to stay with you!

I told him (thru my own tears):
Baby, you can't.
You have to stay at school.
And mommy has to leave.

At this point his teacher came over.
I sat him back in his seat.
Gave him one last hug and kiss.
Patted his teacher on the shoulder.
Walked out of the classroom.
And cried the whole way home.
And maybe for an hour or so after.

Not fun.
But tomorrow will be better.
We have our plan down.
Wish I would have had a plan for today.
Tomorrow we will be all smiles.


Danielle said...

Now, I'm crying! This going to school thing is sooooo hard.

By the way, Eli had fun trying to get a smile out of Jobie for the pics :)

Amy said...

Poor Danielle. All our stories and blog posts keep making her cry. :)

Hope today was a better day!