August 15, 2012

K, 2nd & 7th

My boys.
All growing up so quickly.

First day of school for 2012.
First day of school for my baby.

It was an emotional day for me.
A shocking admission, I'm sure...ha!
(I'm telling Ezra to please stop swatting my bottom.
Sometimes he just gets so excited.
He can't control himself.)

We had walked almost half way to school
When I finally said:
Jobie, aren't you going to hold my hand?
Then, just before we got to the doors he said:
Mommy, can we quit holding hands now?
 But at least he let us get another pic or two.
We dropped Ezzie off in his room first.
Then walking through the halls to Jobie's room,
he grabbed my hand once again.

Before I was ready, we were at his classroom door.
He found his seat.
And sat down.
Ready to start his day.
And I managed to keep my brave face on.
Until I walked out of his classroom.

Ryan took the day off.
To comfort me.
Some comfort he is.
He says things to make me cry more.
Like: well, how does it feel to have your very last baby in school?
And: didn't he look so cute?
Then he tries to hug me.
Which will only makes me cry more.


Brookie doesn't start until tomorrow.
So I had 2 people home with me today.

I'll be walking home by myself.
Might be harder than today.

I'm so proud of Jobie.
(Just a few short months ago,
he was insisting he did not want to go to school.)
And I really am looking forward to the ability to
1) visit the restroom uninterrupted
2) make phone calls uninterrupted
3) grab my bag and run out of the house
    without searching for little people socks and shoes

But, man, is the house going to seem quiet.

I find an amazing station on Pandora.
Crank up the music.
And sing as loudly as I want.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, you made me cry! What a mix of emotions. So glad you could capture the memories. :-)

Amanda said...

such cute pictures! Man this stuff is so tough! You guys all looked adorable! I hope tomorrow goes okay too! Enjoy your uninterruptions - at least there are positives in all this sadness!

Melissa Jensen said...

You'll have to coach me through it in two years with Landrey--I am already NOT going to be able to do it. I hear what you are saying about the alone time and no interruptions, BUT when I get that, I would just rather have my kids back. Being a momma is a dream come true and I am so very thankful for my babies (and yes, they will be babies forver-HA)
Hugs Miss Gina--I will pray for you right now!

Danielle said...

What a brave mommy you are! Your boys looked so adorable for their first day of school. I can't wait to see Brookie's outfit.

(For what it's worth, we've spent enough time thinking/talking about Jobie's first day of school at our house that Mitch was genuinely concerned last night and asked about it.)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

This whole thing made me cry.
I'm too emotional these days.

Amy said...

I love that Mitch was asking about Jobie's first day. But it makes me sad that you all are "doing life" without me. Thinking of you so often!