August 20, 2012

Another 8th

This 8th is for Ezra.

He's had a big last few days.

August 15: first day of second grade.
Always exciting in elementary school.
After that it's not so cool to be excited about school.

August 16: first lost tooth.
He had been waiting so long.
Our hygienist pulled it out at his teeth cleaning.
He was one happy little boy.

August 17: (here's where the 8th comes in) birthday.
He's smiling funny.
He wants everyone to see his missing tooth.

We took treats to school.
Waffle cookies, of course.

And guess what happened at school?
He lost another tooth.
2 teeth in 2 days.
So very exciting.
For him.
He opened his presents when he got home.
So happy to get a fishing pole from his siblings.

Then we were off to Oklahoma for the weekend.
Ezra thought it was great we were staying in a hotel.
On his birthday.

We ate supper at Pops near Oklahoma City.
My dad had heard about it from a friend.
And wanted to take the kiddos there.

They have over 600 different bottled pops.
Some weird flavors: bacon, pb&j, buffalo wings.
I stayed away from those.
It was hard to choose.
And the food was ok.
Just hamburgers and stuff.
Definitely worth the trip though.
The kids loved it.

Since we were gone over the weekend,
we waited until last night
to put Ez's 2nd lost tooth in his pillow.

Then, the tooth fairy forgot to come last night.
Bad mommy.

I told him she must have been confused
about which night we were coming home.
Good recovery, mommy.

Hope I remember tonight.

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