January 04, 2013

Five Unrelated Pieces of Information

1. We finally got our bathroom done.
Well, sort of.
Remember the toilet box that had become a clothing shelf?
That box is gone now.
And a vanity is in it's place.

And we have a shower!
The tiling turned out cool, I thought.

Eventually we'll get a door.
For now, we're using a shower curtain.

The floor is tile that looks like wood.
I LOVE it!
We just need to get a mirror,
a light for over the sink
and baseboards.
Who knows how long that will take?

2. I did not get a poinsettia this year.

Mostly because it took me months to throw it out last year.
(See same post I already linked to.)

3. I'm subbing.
I've forgotten to mention that.
I subbed 4 days before Christmas break.
It was...exhausting.
Not so much physically.
I'm up on my feet almost all day at home.
But mentally.
And my voice...
Especially when I subbed in Jobie's class.
I had to talk.
All. Day. Long.
I'm not used to that.
Maybe I should talk to myself more at home.

I've subbed in Ezra's class also.
They are a busy little group of kids.

Having your own classroom is very different from subbing.
(Going to have to work on my management skills.
It's been over 10 years since I had my own classroom.)
Now I know why I taught junior high.
Elementary kids have so many questions.
And need so much help.
And always seem to need to go to the restroom.
I like junior high soo much better than elementary.
But I'm only subbing in the little boys' school right now.
Just to simplify our family scheduling.
Besides I'm getting 2-3 days a week as it is.
That's all I need.

4. I really want to change the look of my blog.
But I don't know a thing about that stuff.
My hubby set this blog up to begin with.
It's actually a miracle that I can even do a post on my own.
I don't want to pay someone to do it, either.
So, for now, I'm stuck.

5. I just found 5 Christmas cards stashed away in my cupboard.
All addressed and ready to go.
Sorry to 5 of our friends who are getting late cards.

We took our pictures for the card on our roof this year.
I hate heights.
But I bravely climbed up the ladder.
I took pictures while Ryan was taking the official pictures.

Our neighbor came out while we were up there.
Brookelynn was so embarrassed.
She thought he was looking at us like:
That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
Ryan and I read his look as:
How fun and cool.

Teenagers are funny.


Amy said...

I might need to know more about that tile...

Danielle said...

Totally cool bathroom! And I love the creative family photo idea...except I'm petrified of heights. You're a very cool and creative mommy!

Tami said...

Fun bathroom! And often after I sub for days at a time I wonder how I managed in past doing that as a full time. As fun as it is I am always exhausted at the end of the day. Wish we could see your house in person! Happy New Years!!

Leslie Veer said...

LOVE the bathroom floor tile!