January 08, 2013


I'm putting Rentzville away today.
I'll miss it.
It will never look like this again.
Every year I marvel at the way Ryan creates it.

It's fun to look at.
Especially at night.

Nearly every night before I would turn it off,
I'd get down at eye level.
And imagine myself in the scene.

Next year, we will have a new Rentzville.
It's never the same twice.
For a couple of reasons:
1. We usually get a new piece or two for gifts every Christmas.
This year we got 3 new accessories.
Well, two new ones really.
And one replacement piece of sorts.
A few years ago, a little girl came into my house
before school one morning,
whipped her stocking cap off...
one of those stocking caps with the extra long top...
Good morning, Gina!
As her cap swings in the air and swipes Father Christmas.
To the ground.
In pieces.
I've looked at buying a new one for a long time.
But just couldn't get myself to spend the money.
My hubby's brother and his wife bought it for us this year.
I was so excited.
And the 2nd reason Rentzville will never be the same again:
My guy is way too creative to do the same thing twice.

So, farewell Rentzville.
Until next year...


Amy said...

You are going to really confuse my mom if she reads this post. She always thinks that your last name is Rentz. Now she'll be really confused, reading about Rentzville! :)

Chad and Jody said...

soo pretty! What does he use for the snow on the ground? I can never get mine to look that good!

Danielle said...

Love it!!

Harry smith said...

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