January 01, 2013

Our Sick Christmas

Christmas was...

Christmas Eve is our day at home.
The kids wear their pj's all day.
Watch movies.
Snacky stuff for lunch.
Same meal every year for supper.
Then presents in the evening.

About 10:00 a.m. Brookie says:
I don't feel so good.
An hour or so later,
into the restroom she runs.
You know what that means.

We went ahead with our plans and traditions.
So while we enjoyed our hummus,
fatoush salad,
grilled chicken,
fruit salad
and special Christmas drink,
Brookie stayed on the couch.
Looking miserable.
We debated waiting to open presents.
But the boys weren't too crazy about that.
She can just lay right there on the couch.
We'll bring all her presents to her.

We took our traditional pictures.
They always turn out perfectly.
 Finally convinced Brookie to get in the picture.
As soon as I was done taking this picture,
she ran to the bathroom.
She looks a little pale, huh?

We opened presents
right after she was done in the restroom.
Because, you know, there's a small window
after you loose the contents of your stomach
when you feel a bit better.
We took advantage of that window.

What is this?
 Oh! Hahaha!

Sweet lips.
That's me.
The boys giggled.
Brookelynn found it disgusting.

We made it through the unwrapping.
And I even got a few hours of sleep.
Before Jobie was up.
And making frequent trips to the restroom himself.

So Christmas morning I called my parents.
Not sure if we could do Christmas at their house that evening.
My dad was not feeling well either.
And we rely on him to grill our Christmas steaks.
After several phone calls with my brother's family,
we all decided to just do appetizers and open presents.
As long as no one else got sick later in the day.
And enjoy our steaks another day
when everyone felt a bit more normal.

Jobie had been fine since mid-morning.
But as soon as we got to my parents,
he started acting blah.
And fell asleep on my lap
before we had even eaten.
We let him sleep for about an hour.
Then attempted to wake him up.
The others were anxious to open presents.
He finally perked up.
About half-way through opening gifts.

Ryan got sick 3 days later.
On Brookelynn's birthday.

Then we were at his parents the next day for another Christmas.
The little one, in the middle on Jobie's lap,
was very stinky.
No one wanted to hold him.
We decided this picture captured our family pretty well.

So far the rest of us have avoided getting sick...

Thankful for family.
Thankful for health.
Thankful for flexibility.
But most of all,
thankful for Jesus.


Amy said...

Sweetlips... :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

So sad! :(

Happy New Year to you, Sweetlips.

Danielle said...

You might need a personalized necklace, "Sweetlips" :)