March 20, 2009

Family Day

first stop:

lots of fun donuts,
hard for us to decide

second stop:
I'm so happy,
I'm so happy,
I'm so happy!
-ezzie, jumping up and down

fun to play peek-a-boo
soldier Ezzie

tornado tunnel

third stop:
cinnamon's deli
a full kid is a happy kid

fourth stop:
the jungle
Brookie's fave
just strolling
such a fun day
so thankful for my family


PamperingBeki said...

What a fun day!

I haven't been to any of those places other than the zoo. And the jungle area is my favorite too.

The Bohrer's said...

What happened to Druber's Donuts? Is that no longer the best place for donuts? =) I try to go there whenever we are back in town.

rentz said...

The donut whole is in Wichita. It's all cake donuts, but with fun frosting and toppings. Like citrus crunch, citrusy frosting with fruity pebbles on top to the lay person. Decorated retro-like with old pin ball machine, tin signs and the like. And good music...I distinctly remember hearing The Police. Now what could be better than Sting?