March 03, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

The spring soccer season is about to begin and Saturday found us in Wichita shopping for the "perfect" new cleats. Perfect means two different things to parents and kids. Perfect for us means $20 or under. Perfect for the kids means cool (and, for Brookelynn, not pink). Believe it or not, we managed to satisfy everyone.

Jake's old cleats

Brookelynn's old cleats...yes, they were pink

Jake's new cleats. Which, by the way,
are a half size bigger than Brookelynn's.

Brookelynn's new cleats...not pink, but Butler Community College purple.
Daddy is so proud.

Jake's new shinguards. His others were used and he never liked them.
Found these on clearance!

Brookelynn's old shinguards. Not getting new until we have to.
After each game she and Ryan etch her goals and assists into them.
Goals on the left, assists on the right.

On a side note, today is my parents' 37th anniversary! Love you Mom and Dad! Thanks for giving Ryan and me a great example.

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oh, the places you'll go... said...

Hey Gina!! I found your blog, and am excited to read more updates about you and your fam! Hope things are going great!! Much love from la France! :)