March 25, 2009

Something's Gotta Give

With soccer practice taking place 3 times a week from 5:00 to 6:30, supper can become a challenge. I usually stay at practice and let the other kids play at the park (or in the car if the weather is yucky--that could be another post). Then I grab a chance to read a book or have an adult conversation with other parents.

It can be tempting to run thru a drive-thru after practice if I don't have something prepared at home. So this is what was waiting for us last night:

chicken and rice soup
veggies with lemon dill dip
And, I might add, the table was even set

But, something's gotta give.
carnage in the family room
And, shortly before 5:00, I realized that I had yet to take a shower. Yep. That's how together I am. Don't ask me how that happened; it just did. So this is how the other soccer parents saw me:
Glamorous, huh? My hubby must be so proud.
And, now, I think I'll go take a shower...


Val said...

We had creamy chicken & rice soup last night. You & I must have been on the same wave length. The no-shower baseball cap solution is a favorite of mine. =]

PamperingBeki said...

Carnage? You call that carnage?! Ha! That's carnage for wimps. I'll show you the real deal sometime.


Amy said...

My thoughts exactly, Beki... you call that carnage. Come look at my living room sometime. (or dining room, or toy room) And I only have 2 kids!

(Lawson just said this morning, "I hope Lilly or Leah gets sick soon so I can go to Miss Gina's!) :)

rentz said...

Okay, okay ladies! This definitely isn't the worst it's ever been. I had just cleaned it up earlier in the day, so that's what prompted the irritation.

I promise I'll "redeem" myself in a future post. Then you'll be sorry!