March 09, 2009

Not Officially Here...Yet

I know spring isn't officially here, but the signs sure are around. The weeds...

When I saw these last week, I got a little angry. It was a gorgeous day and what do I notice? Weeds. These are just the beginning. I wondered why the weeds have to come out first? Doesn't God want us to see beauty? And, I also thought, Satan ruins everything. Sin ruins everything.

But then I saw this:
And I was reminded of God's goodness, love and care...over even the small things. We didn't even know we had bulbs. I've never even been a fan of bulbs. I am now.

Two days later, the bud looked like this:
It's randomly placed in our landscaping that we put in last fall. I'm sure it was displaced during our digging. But it's nice to see some color.

And, I am excited to say, I now have a garden spot. My hubby tilled up a big spot for me. It's probably 3 - 4 times bigger than my old garden. I didn't get to have one last year, so this is quite exciting for me.

Lots of grass and leaves

Working hard

Jobe just hung out and watched daddy work. This mound of rocks came from under the house when they dug the basement. We hope to use them to make a fire pit...someday.
Just a cute pic of my baby. The injury on his head is courtesy of his cousin and a battery.

So, spring is nearly here along with the weeds, the flowers and the garden. I'll thank God for the flowers and the garden. Still don't like the weeds.

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