March 23, 2009

New Dos

My 3 sons. They all need a haircut,
but I can't bear to see the curls on the baby go bye-bye.


This is how Jakie was the whole time.

Pretty sure the neighbors heard him.
And now you know why their hair was so long.


He will refuse to let me spike it for school. So no one will ever actually see him this way.
Ezzie on the other hand...
wanted to make sure that Daddy could "cut" a mohawk.

Hopefully this is as close as we ever come.


PamperingBeki said...

Ohhh they look so cute!

I like the longer hair on boys.

Joan said...

Gina this blog is great-gives a wonderful insight into your family. What a life you and Ryan have been blessed with :)

The Bohrer's said...

Ryan did a great job! Don't you just love that he does that? I am soooo glad that Brice cuts the boys' hair - he even cleans up the mess. I get bath duty and the tub clean-up! =)

imagyst said...

they will be heartbreakers when they get older- you better be prepared!