September 24, 2009


A certain someone.
Whom shall remain nameless.
Said it was okay to begin fall decorating.
I've been waiting for the go-ahead.
Because I follow exactly what she says.
Don't we all??
I finally got it.
So here's what I've been doing today.
Fall has gorgeous colors.
Relax and enjoy.


PamperingBeki said...

Hahahaha!! You should've warned me to swallow my drink before I clicked your blog. I just choked on my diet pepsi.

You are so funny!

I still haven't taken my own advice and decorated yet. Hopefully this weekend.

Susan S. said...

I'm just getting started on fall decorating myself. The "goods" have made it out of the shed and onto my back porch. Your decorating has gotten me inspired and I'm putting together my scarecrow together TONIGHT! Thanks!