September 23, 2009


I got an e-mail from GAP this morning.
I'm sure many of you received the same one.
They sent out a casting call for kids.
I wonder if these two would make it...

I have to admit at being a little tempted.
To send pictures of my kiddos.

I won't.
But I want to.
A little.

I think my kids could win.
But every other parent thinks the same
about their kids too.
What sweet precious faces.
Thanks beki.
We love the pics.


PamperingBeki said...

Man, Gap doesn't even know what they're missing!!

Those are hilarious. :)

Amy said...

Your kids could win. You should totally send them in.

Beth said...

All parents do think that about their kids, but yours are seriously perfect for something like GAP ads. Your whole family actually! I remember considering trying to get our girls into baby commercials because I thought they were the cutest babies in the world, but I was afraid it would cause them lifetime trauma somehow. :)

MICHELE said...

yep! your family/kids could do it!!!! Hey it may lead to a little college fund for them too! Try it!! :)