September 21, 2009


Three years ago this week
my kids saw an ocean for the first time.
And I saw the Atlantic for the first time.
My parents took my brother's family
and our family to DisneyWorld.
Six adults and six kids for six days.
We arrived late in the afternoon.
Our first stop was the ocean.
We didn't have Jobie then.
We did know we were going to be adding
a fourth kid.
But at the time I was glad we only had three
to keep track of.
We told the kids not to get too wet.
How stupid where we?
It's an ocean.
How do six kids not get too wet?

our brilliant plan failed.
But they sure had fun.

I say it all the time lately, but...
Wow, time flies.
Ezzie now wears the clothes Jakie wore.
And Jobie is now the same age Ezzie was.
I guess it's time to go again.
Mom and Dad???

1 comment:

PamperingBeki said...

Oh how fun!!

That was our first stop when we headed to Disneyworld too, the ocean.

And it's been a couple of years for us, so we're itching for another trip.

Oh! I need to get your disc to you... I may drop it by today.