September 04, 2009


We get caught by trains often.
Never at a good time.
Always when we are in a hurry.
Running late.
Trying to get the kids home for bed.
But I began thinking about waiting
as I was waiting on this train.
And at home I looked up verses about waiting.
This is the verse that stood out to me.

Psalm 132:5
I wait for the LORD,
my soul waits,
and in His Word I put my hope.

Does my soul wait for the Lord?
What does that look like?
Feel like?
That's deep down.
To the very core of me.
An incredible yearning for the Lord.
For His kingdom.
Even trains can be a fingerprint of God.
A conviction.

Each week pamperingbeki hosts Fingerprint Friday and uses a song by Steven Curtis Chapman as a springboard. Join in. It's a great way to be reminded of God's presence.


Snowcatcher said...

I wouldn't have thought of a train, especially at night, as a fingerprint, but you put it in perfect perspective. Thank you.

artsyclay said...

Beautiful thoughts! Everything can point us to God if we just take time to think about it.

Rosebud Collection said...

Now isn't that the truth. Wonderful way to put it.
Happy Fingerprint Friday.

Jody said...

Lovely thoughts-thanks so much for sharing them with us.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh girl, you are GOOD!

This is so true.

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