September 14, 2009

Didn't Happen

If you were expecting to see pictures of colorful walls,
leave now.

When we first put the basement in last fall,
I thought the kids would be in their rooms by Christmas.
Then it changed to spring break.
Then beginning of summer.
Then before school started.
I'm a slow learner.

Why do things always take longer than you expect?
We did get the rooms primed.
And the paint purchased.
Then we had to mow the lawn.
Clean up the yard.
(We had family pics at our house the next day.)
Clean up the kids.
And head to a football game.

You can't just paint all day, you know.
It gets old after a while.

We met some friends.
And had a great time.
Way more fun than painting.

Tossing the pigskin.
Well, nerf-skin.
Ryan took pictures on the field for work.
They all got megaphones.
Good idea at a football game.
Bad idea at home.
The only pic Jakie would let me take of him.
Meet Ezzie's "girlfriend".
She's 12.
He has the biggest crush on her.
We are in soo much trouble with this boy.
So, see, I say to myself.
It's okay if things don't happen on your time-line.
It can be a lot more fun that way.

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Amy said...

Oh my. That picture of you and Jobe. Adorable.