September 08, 2009

Our Weekend

We spent the weekend in KC.
Watching Brookie's soccer tourney.
I know I'm her mom.
But, man, is it fun to watch her.
I love that pony tail so much.
How it flips around.
How it flies out as she's flying down the field.
They played on turf.
It was a beautiful complex.
Little pieces of rubber popped up.
With every bounce and kick.
And it was absolutely gorgeous weather.
And Saturday morning I went shopping.
With another mom.
To Macy's.
Clearance shopping.
No kids.
Thanks, honey. Silver uni's.
After win #3.
Aren't they the cutest bunch of girls?
And now, I'm going to brag a little.
This team went undefeated this weekend.
They shut out all four teams they played.
They brought home the first ever
1st place win by a Newton girls' soccer team.
Way to go Storm!

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PamperingBeki said...

How fun!!

Way to go, girls.