October 20, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

And a whole lot of nothing.

Jakie got sick Thursday night.
Brookie got it Saturday evening.
And then I got it Sunday morning.
Yesterday evening Ezzie and Jobie got it.
He's escaped it.
So far.
I think it might be H1N1.
But not going in to get tested.
What good would it do anyway?

When we turned on our furnace a couple of weeks ago.
All of our fire alarms went off.
It was like 11:00 at night.
None of our kids woke up.
Should I be nervous about that?

I'm typing this with a sick Jobie on my lap.
Makes things a little difficult.
He's one hot little boy.
But so sweet.

Our new favorite book?
rhyming dust bunnies.
Jobie found it at the library last week.
We have read it A LOT.
Pretty much memorized it.
It's funny.
And short.

Brookie just informed me
that since she's been sick,
her nails have gotten whiter.

And, Ezzie asked me this morning:
Mommy, how many days until Christmas?
So, I counted.
Oh, my.

Here's our Christmas card from last year.

Just because.

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vintagewithatwist said...

haha hey now, I mentioned the beatiful sunsets! and I have to admit the wheat looks pretty when it's golden :)