October 28, 2009

More Costumes

If anyone is like me.
Who waits until the last minute to come up with costumes.
Here's a few ideas that I've used over the years.

Brookelynn's first halloween.
I always try to have the basket match the costume.

Jake's first halloween.
He's a Royal's baseball player.
Jakie screamed most of the night.
His little face is all red from crying so much.

Brookie was a flower.
Her hat and skirt were made out of crepe paper.

Brookie is a Care Bear.
Just sweats and felt.
I glued felt ears to a headband.
Ryan drew the moon on felt.
Which I then glued to the sweats.

Jakie was a ghost.
Poor guy.
It kept shifting.
He couldn't see.
We finally made it to my parents.
It was dark.
And cold.
I wimped out and didn't want to go out anymore.
My brother took his kids and my kids
around our parents' neighborhood.
Jakie ran into a mailbox at one point.

Brookie the chef.
She already had the apron.
Made by Ryan's very creative aunt.
The chef's hat I made out of poster board
and white fabric and fabric spray glue.
I told you I don't sew.

Jakie the robot.
He looked so cute.
But he was very uncomfortable.
Poor guy.
There's a pattern here.
Jakie and halloween are not the best combo.

And here's Ezzie as a scarecrow.
He liked it a lot better than Brookie did.
My very favorite costume?
I cannot find a picture of.
I have looked thru ALL our pictures.
It was before the days of our digital camera.
As all of these others are.
Hoping my mom has a good one.
That post might have to wait until next year, though.

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MICHELE said...

Cute cute cute!
I too like the basket to "match" the costume...makes it more complete!! Love it!