October 13, 2009


This is not a good day.

It's cold.
Not autumn cold.
It feels like winter cold.

I had the first day of Bible study at my house.
Ezra was very naughty this morning.
It wasn't the ornery kind of naughty.
It was the naughty kind of naughty.
The heart issue kind.
The kind that makes me cry to Jesus.

So, by the time Bible study came along...
at 9 o' clock.
Yes, only 9.
I was not in the right spiritual frame of mind.
To lead.
To start things off on the right foot.
I was weary.

We began the Beth Moore study on Esther.
Ironically, the subtitle is: it's tough being a woman.
I'm thinking: it's tough being a mom.

Fortunately, today was the intro dvd session.
We watch the dvd one week.
Then discuss the Bible study portion the next.
So, this was not the week for much discussion.
Good thing.
I didn't have the energy to put together coherent thoughts.
Discussion and coherent thoughts will happen next week.

After Bible study.
More naughtiness.
More tears.

Pretty much unpretty.
Unpretty weather.
Unpretty hearts.
Unpretty faces.
But, thank the Lord.
Tomorrow is another day.
And His mercies are new every morning.

(And, just so you know, I did not take these pics this morning in the middle of all of this. Ezra took these himself many days ago. He loves to play with the camera.)


PamperingBeki said...

Awww, I'm sorry! :(

Julie A. Cox said...

Hi! I found your blog off of a link on the Mac's blog. I was skimming it and I noticed your son with the curls. And I said to myself... "that looks like that cute little boy that was in Sunday school with us when we visited Emmaus this summer"! Realized you're an Entz... who knows... we may even be related (I'm the daughter of Jake and Lillian Leyenaar). Small world. Just thought I'd tell you I stopped by and you have a cute family. I'm actually doing the Beth Moore Easter study right now with my church.

Charlotte said...

I'm sorry -- I'm pretty sure that you got that cold weather from us. We also got 10 degrees and a foot of snow with it, if that makes you feel any better. :)