January 18, 2010

Brookie's Efforts

Brookelynn's making t-shirts.
To sell for Haiti.

Her school is raising money.
The fifth grade classrooms are having a contest.
To see which classroom can bring in the most.
The prize?
The teacher whose classroom loses eats meal worms.

She has a couple other designs in the works.
Sweet girlie.


Homeschool said...

REALLY...EAT! Is that not frowned upon...things have changed since we went to school!

But, what a heart! God will bless such an effort!

Amanda said...

I cannot even imagine agreeing to eat meal worms - those 5th grade teachers are awesome!

I love Brookelynn's heart - what a blessing she is!

Beth said...

Very nice! I'm impressed with Brookelynn! And with the teachers agreeing to eat meal worms (I hear even more staff have jumped onto that bandwagon . . .NOT THIS ONE!).