January 05, 2010

Cheap and Teary-Eyed

I'm cheap.
I don't buy calendars.
We get them free.
Actually, my mother-in-law usually gets them.
She's always kind and shares with us.

This one comes from a local small-town bank.
They have a Norman Rockwell calendar every year.
I just cut off the bottom advertisement flap.
It's ugly and big.
And I feel no need to advertise for a bank.
Especially one we don't even use.
It's a good thing I write small.
Some of the days get pretty full with 6 in the family.
Many days in January already have 3 items.

I was adding school activities a couple of nights ago.
When I came upon Kindergarten Pre-enrollment
on the district calender.
I almost passed it by.
Then remembered:
I will have a kindergartner next year.
And I nearly cried as I wrote it down.

There it is.
Only 3 short months away.
And then,
4 months after that,
Ezzie will be leaving me.
Growing up.
Making new friends.
Learning new things.
Experiencing things without me.
I'm going to make myself cry.
So I will cherish each moment.
Even though some days
I'm giddy with the thought
of having only one kid at home with me.

Cry hysterically.
Or laugh hysterically.
I'll probably be doing both come August.


Amy said...

I saw it written on my calendar the other day and thought for a second, "Why do I care about that?" Oh yeah. Lawson and Ezzie will have so much fun in K. They will have a built in friend already! :)

Livesays said...

I too almost skipped past that fateful day in April, and then it dawned on me . . . my baby is going to Kindergarten! So exciting, yet scary for me (and probably his future teacher too!)!