January 01, 2010

Day One

Day one of 2010 is nearly over.
It was a relaxing day at our house.
I made poppy seed muffins for breakfast.
Watched the kids play wii.
Played wii.
Watched football.
Leftovers for lunch.
More wii.
(hubby and i will begin limiting wii time next week-
the kids are not excited about that)
More football.
Sent Brookie to a sleepover with my niece.
Supper for the boys.
Fishsticks and mac and cheese.

The highlight of the day for me:
I read nearly 2/3 of a book.
Just today.
Can't remember the last day that has happened.

The highlight of the day for Ryan:
Tuna steak.

He likes his rare.
With no sides to spoil the taste.
We ate side-by-side at the bar.
While the boys played football in the family room.
And made a lot of noise.
And hurt each other.
Just a little.

Great day.

1 comment:

Marc, Sarah, and Luke said...

Oh My -- I don't think I could ever eat my tuna steak that rare! I think I'll stick to the COOKED! Sounds like a relaxing day :)